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This delicately fragranced shampoo is made from 99% natural ingredients and once water is added, will make 500ml. 


Don't forget...this shampoo will create less lather than you're used to as contains only gentle cleansing agents which don't lather quite as much but still clean effectively and with less drying of the scalp and hair.  It'll leave your hair beautifully clean and leave your conscience clear knowing you've made a good choice for the planet.


The powder is packed in a compostable sachet so you can put the sachet in the compost bin once it's finished. The labels will need to go in the regular paper recycling bin.


They're super easy to make up:

  • Fill the bottle with 400ml of tepid tap water
  • Add all the powder and give it a really good shake
  • Leave it overnight for all the ingredients to make friends
  • The next morning give it another good shake and you're ready to go!


Grab a british made glass dispenser with bronze pump for just £5 to store your shampoo in (introductory offer).

Milly & Sissy Shampoo Sachet - 500ml

    •  Available for Dry/Fine Hair or Normal/Greasy
    • Vegan
    •  No animal cruelty
    •  Eco friendly
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